Beasts of Burden
Horses, Mules, & Oxen

McKenzie's stables offer a range of horses (and mules) in several styles and a number of poses. Large working horses such as those found in Western logging operations, to the medium-size "Nelle" series come with a variety of head styles, ears forward or "alert" and separate-cast horse collars with harness variety give you wide choices. We are glad to offer suggestions for your particular application.

Animals come unpainted and require assembly.

Harnessed Team

Two horses with harness and trees. Optoinal straw hat version - inquire.


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Horses and Rider

For use with Horse High Wheels (HCW-101), large wagons (stagecoachs, etc), and any heavy hauling, such as ore cars, skid roads, etc. Very fine detail, especially on harnesses.
53 cast pieces!

Single Harnessed Horse

Single horse with harness. Use with our new Delivery Wagon.


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Mule Team

Harnessed with collars. Two different poses.

End 'o' Trail
Mule & Rider

This mule and rider are designed to reflect the famous sculpture of the same name. Horse is available separate for $12.

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Ol' Nello Horse

Tired-looking horse with halter.

Water Mule & Man

A mule with water bags to supply early donkey engines.(rider not included.

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Oxen Team

Includes yoke. Shown with "Sam and Katie" figures (not included).

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Out of stock!
Out of stock!
Currently out of production
I hope to resume production on a VERY limited basis sometime in 2016